Dear current high school seniors, Class of 2013:
Boy am I glad I’m not you. I don’t know about you all, but I know my superstitious self would definitely get the better of me–especially when applying to colleges. Waitlisted? Rejected? Denied? It’s that dreaded one and three that appear next to each other on my graduation date! Drat! I can see it now–and the accompanying misery. Thankfully I was spared and born six years earlier, graduating with the Class of 2007. This lent itself to many a James Bond themed t-shirt, party, etc, bearing the mantra "The bond of 007 never dies!" Admittedly, I was more preoccupied with ensuring my pride and dignity did not die. Somehow I managed to make it it through alive with most of both intact, which unfortunately cannot be said for many of my peers who shared a similar position within the complex infrastructure of high school social standing (just watch Mean Girls and have Janice Ian map it out for you). I even managed to not attend my senior prom with a cardboard cutout of Justin Timberlake, and instead showed up with a real live date who I did not have to bribe. Not bad for your average art club geek! 

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