Hey, classic car lovers. Let’s be honest for a second; one of the absolute best parts of owning a classic car is letting the world know you own one. Imagine that feeling you get cruising down the street in your classic ride, and imagine having that feeling all day long, on or off the road. The answer is simple…make a custom t-shirt online to commemorate your ride!


Walking around town with a picture of your Corvette or Cadillac on your shirt hood, so to speak, will give you the feeling of driving it with you wherever you go. With WhoopTee, you can create a t-shirt that no one else has. Your shirt will be as special and unique as that car you restored. Plus, with no minimum order, you can get just one for yourself with no worries (and free shipping). 


Do you hit the car show circuit? Imagine walking around the convention center with your custom tee when another car enthusiast flags you down. “Hey, is that your hot rod Lincoln? I really love what you did with it.” Boom, instant celebrity status. If you do restorations for other people, a custom tee can be a great way to promote your work.


For those of you who sell classic cars, take this into consideration. Next time you have that sale that’s teetering on the brink of collapse, offer to throw in a t-shirt. WhoopTee shirts are inexpensive, and ship in under two weeks. Such an inexpensive item could make the difference between keeping and losing the big sale. Plus, it gives the buyer a neat souvenir. Why not add branding for your business to the shirt as well? As they say, three birds, one inexpensive stone. 


In any event, the perfect compliment to any classic car is an equally classic shirt. Remember, classic car + classic shirt = classic style. 


My pappy said son you’re gonna drive me to drinkin’ if you don’t stop drivin’ that hot rod Lincoln.


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