So, of all the cool happenings in St. Louis, one of the most exciting things we’ve gotten to witness in the past few years is the recent influx of tech startups and businesses in the area, ranging from crazy awesome new ideas to repurposing older ones. One awesome new startup that has been making waves is LockerDome, a social network that organizes connections around shared interests rather than connections …  sounds like an opportunity for custom t shirt design madness, fo sho. In founder Gabe Lozano’s opinion, connections grow and change, but interests are timeless. 
To support the community of developers, designers, and freelancers, LockerDome has been hosting an awesome event called Code Until Dawn, which is basically what it sounds like. Coders can show up, code like crazy, and stay as long as they want in LockerDome’s well-prepared techie haven, complete with rows upon rows of snazzy tables, chairs, computers, a basketball hoop, and a full bar. Looks like this:
The coder’s dream, right? And what could make it even more awesomely fly? Custom t shirts, of course.
So if you and your crazy buddies are looking to down some red bulls and code all night, bust out a couple of these babies to keep up all night long. With WhoopTee, it’s easy to create merchandise you and your friends will love with the click of a mouse, from anywhere with an internet connection. (Seriously, I made that shirt in like two seconds … and I can’t even figure out how to use a can opener). Give it a whirl today!
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