Ready for another of the many knowledge bombs we constantly drop on you here at WhoopTee? (Duh). Check out Coin, an amazing new innovation that stores all of your credit cards and gift cards in one single data card ... which you can use AS a credit card. So instead of carting around a bazillion credit cards in your wallet, you only have to have ONE with you at all times. Check out the video here: 


CRAZY, right? The idea birthed the custom t shirt design below. Have a gander:  

So when I typed in "credit cards" looking for images to use on this design, "credit cards for bad credit" came up in Google's autofill. Bad, bad. That better not be any of you WhoopTee hooligans! We know you know better than that- pay your bills! And to make it easier, check out Coin to keep all of your credit cards in check, so your wallet doesn't wind up looking like this: 

Hrrmmmm. Whose could that possible be? Think you could come up with a better design than the one above? Head over to the WhoopTee designer tool and design your own custom t shirt today! We promise, you won't regret it- you'll love your merchandise! That's the WhoopTee guarantee!


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