If you’re around long enough, people become familiar with you.  If you’re good at what you do, people want to work with you.  And if you’re lucky, your creativity will provide for you.  Whooptee.com has had the luck to find a partnership with an organization that not only inspires creativity, but helps the community recognize talent.


Community Supported Art St. Louis employs an exciting new model of artistic production and distribution that supports artists in the creation of new work and establishes relationships with local collectors and patrons.  The concept is simple - collector’s buy a share of art, equal to nine locally produced pieces by nine selected artists.  The proceeds from the sold shares go to the artists for the production of their work and patrons are exposed to new pieces at an affordable price.


As you may have guessed, there’s a slight twist.  As a buyer you can pick up your pieces from the artists throughout the season at appointed locations like art galleries, new restaurants or co-op spaces like Nebula Coworking on Cherokee Street.  Nebula is a community space for freelancers, artists and cooks to work without committing to a resident commercial space.  


Design can live in an art gallery or can define a skyline.  Art can belong to the rich intellectuals, while design belongs to all of us.  No matter what you may think of “art” it touches our lives in ways we don’t always recognize and should be accessible to everyone.


CSASTL and Whooptee share the common value that art can be constructed by anyone with an imagination and its creation should be within reach.  Affordable custom apparel shouldn’t be sacrificed for fancy websites and high production costs, but rather at its ability to live on in popularity.  Design a shirt and share it with your friends.  Don’t stop to define what art should and shouldn’t be but get it out on paper, on the keyboard, in music, in photography. in sculpture or in motion.  Find your inspiration.

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