August is coming to a close, and that means that summer is winding down. When the calendar flips to September, we’ll still have a few more weeks of warm weather, but then fall will start creeping in. For those of you who love the hot months, that’s a bummer. For those of you who prefer, chilly weather, bring it on! 


Regardless of whether you like chilly weather or not, here’s one thing just about any one can agree on: CHILI weather is great! That’s right, chili season is about to kick off and with it chili cook offs! Chili cook offs are a time-honored tradition of fall, and with good cause. They’re tasty, fun, great for groups looking for eyeballs, and even better for groups looking to raise funds


If you’ve never been to a chili cook off, you poor soul; they’re fantastic. Here’s how they work; teams sign up, bring in their ingredients, and cook chili at the event. They whip up huge batches, and give samples to people who come by. Some events sell sample cards that entitle the buyer to samples at any stand, others collect payment directly at each stand. Most sell bowls. Almost all cook offs have the public vote on a winner. 


Groups, businesses, and organizations from around the community participate and raise funds and awareness for themselves, while an overarching organization, like a commercial club, raise funds and awareness for their membership. The cooks win, the organizers win, and every belly in the community wins. 


Sometimes these events include wine tastings, bobbing for apples, vendor fairs, and other fall fun. They are a great time for the entire family and an event that the community looks forward too all year. 


Like any good fundraiser or event, custom t-shirts are a must as uniforms for workers and event staff and as thank you gifts for volunteers. However, since these events are usually outdoors during the fall, custom hoodies may be an even better option. These seasonal wonders are great for fall, winter, and spring, and give event staff protection from the elements.


You won’t break your budget ordering custom hoodies from WhoopTee. Our hoodies are affordable, and like our custom tees, ship for free in two weeks. You can get a free quote and find out just how much your hoodies will cost before you order to take back to any organizing committees. You can also upload your organization or event logo and incorporate it into the design. The more shirts you order, the less they will cost per shirt. You can find out how quantity affects the price in real time with our free quote tool.


Now, if you get chili on your hoodie, there’s not much we can do for you. Why not think ahead and create a brown hoodie so that chili stains won’t show up? Just a thought…


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