103 Days


That’s how long we have to wait for Christmas. Do you know how many days there are to your birthday? How about Halloween? Holidays are important days to spend with loved ones. Some holidays may have more of an emotional attachment for you than others. Everyone enjoys at least one holiday. At least almost everyone; there are some people who despise holidays and don't want to count down to a particular holiday. Then again, they could just be annoyed at the constant reminders…either way, don’t let those party poopers ruin your countdown! 


You can countdown to just about anything. You can have a countdown to the last day of school, or the first. You can countdown until football season, baseball season, or hockey season. When you’re halfway through the year, it can get especially hard to wait. Have you ever longed for Christmas in June, or Halloween in March? Why not create a countdown t-shirt for the half-way point to give yourself a little bit of your favorite holiday all year. 


We have different fonts and colors to choose from, so you can create the perfect countdown shirt. We also offer dog shirts so you can make one for your four-legged friends so you can celebrate Christmas in June or Easter in September together. 


So what do we do if we can't count down the days on our fingers or still don't have a calendar to look it up? You can search the internet for your answers. Not only can you find out days but you may also be able to add hours, minutes, even seconds to your countdown. 


So to help you out there are 11 Fridays until Christmas, 50 more days to Halloween, and 72 more days until Thanksgiving. So some more research will let you know what day the channels will be showing Halloween and Christmas specials and movies. You have the thrillers and terrors of Halloween movies coming! Then, after that we have all the lovely, dovey Romances that show over and over again on certain channels. 


So rather you are counting until your Birthday, Halloween, The day of the Dead, Thanksgiving, Christmas, retirement, Valentines day. Maybe even national teddy bear day or even national dog or cat day. We think everyone can find a reason the countdown and with our easy designer tool, anyone can make a countdown t-shirt.


While you’re at it, why not get a head start on your holiday t-shirts? You can make custom Christmas gifts, custom halloween costumes, and more!

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