You may think our name, while both appropriate and witty, implies that we’re all fun and games.  You might even think we don’t know what hard work is . . . that we were just both good looking . . . or that we can just consume any old junk and never gain weight.  It’s not true.  We at Whooptee try to evoke the saying “work smarter not harder.”  Which is why we’ve taken the time to scour through all items claiming to be the best performance wear.  We’ve cut the fat only to come up with our top five.


Try any of these on for size in our best of our athletic custom apparel


  1. alo Quarter Zip Lightweight Pullover - This modern jacket gives you a sleek,athletic look that can go from surfing on the beach to skiing through the mountains.

  2. Badger Ladies B-Dry Core Volleyball T-Shirt - This two-tone cap sleeve shirt is awesome for showing off toned arms and even better for allowing a full-range swing.

  3. Adidas Climalite Short Sleeve Tee  - Nothing is worse than working out and looking like a gross, sweaty mess!  The technology used in this performance shirt will keep you feeling dry and looking cool.

  4. J. America Vintage Track Jacket - Want to look like an extra from The Foxcatcher? Go old school in this vintage full-zip up jacket; the thick cotton-polyester blend will keep you warm while the colors withstand lots of washes.

  5. Gildan Dry Blend Open Bottom Pocketed Sweatpants - Wanna look like part of the team without all the commitment?  Once you try these sweatpants, you’ll want to order a pair in all 7 colors.

As you can see, you’ve got options: from vintage style to modern technology hard at work.  Now all that’ left is to make a new playlist on your phone, download a fitness app and get to work.  Remember, you don’t get to look this good without a smart start!

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