May 1st is reason to celebrate!

The Kentucky Derby takes place tomorrow in the Bluegrass state; place your bets, grab your prettiest hat and a mint julep.  After that, comes Cinco de Mayo, known for margaritas and sombreros! A theme is emerging . . . while I’m not suggesting another “hat-drink” themed event (unless it’s a baseball cap – beer party), I do think it’s time to check your social calendar.

The end of the school year is nearing and summer is in sight.  So many celebrations lie ahead!  It is the season for plenty of reasons to design custom shirts!

For graduation, cash is king but a custom shirt is the smart way to go.  Choose a college-themed template from the Designer Tool; add a name, university and you are done!

For the bride-to-be, help her prepare for her perfect day with a personalized polo.  Every girl dreams of the day she become someone’s “Mrs.’s.”  Pick a polo from the products fit for women and add a design.    

For the annual Memorial Day float trip, claim your group’s fame in matching T’s emblazoned with “Rollin’ on the River” across the back. Or for you Paul Simon fans, try “Slip Slidin’ Away!  But if R & B is more your thing, try “Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls.”  Group shirts make it easy to find each other and they’re just fun!

For Mother’s Day, slightly over a week away, so make your order a rush order.  What mom wouldn’t love a pair of custom print yoga pants to go with a weekend away at a spa?  Too much?  Just stick with the pants!

There you have it, from the 1st to the 31st, has your social calendar solidified.  All you need is pick a product, pick a theme and pick a price.        



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