It’s National Puppy Day! Look, there are lots of wacky holidays out there, and we give attention to a fair share of them around here. Come on, though, even the most cynical among us can’t look at Puppy Day with distain. Here’s a little experiment for you, try saying “puppies” without cracking a smile? Better yet, try to say puppies with an angry or bitter voice. Its nearly impossible. Puppies are what happens when all that is happy and beautiful in the world gets channeled into one tiny, furry, huggable body. 


The best part about puppies? They grow up to be dogs, your loyal best friend that’s always waiting for you to get home. When they do grow into dogs, WhoopTee has custom pet apparel for you and your furry pal. They get that added layer of warmth, and you get the tidal wave of cuteness that is a dog wearing clothes. It’s a win for man and beast. 


We have the classic Doggie Skins Tank Top that is available in a range of styles, from basic with to camouflage (both green camo and pink). Our tanktops are made from 100% ringspun cotton. They come in a wide array of sizes to fit all breeds, for 0-4 lbs for your Chihuahua to 86+ lbs for your Great Pyrenees. 


The tank top scores high on the cuteness scale, but about functionality? If you’re looking to keep your mutt warm (we’re looking at you, Chihuahua lovers), the Doggie Skins Hooded Tee is the best choice. Our hooded tee has a double-needle stitched hood and double-needle stitched binging on the sleeves and bottom. They’ll keep your pooch warm and look great at the same time. Oh yeah, there’s also a pouch on the back. Your dog has to store their treats somewhere, right? 


One parting word of advice; if Puppy Day has you wanting a new friend, take a look at your local animal shelters and rescue organizations. These groups do amazing work and have boat loads of adorable, loving dogs that need a good home, including puppies.


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