We all know by now that our awesome Wordsmither/custom t-shirt design guru, Jorie, was tormented on Halloween as a child. No, no….it’s not what you are thinking. The other children had nothing to do with the trauma that she endured and she was never egged or anything to our knowledge. The adults are to blame for this one. That’s right, if you are a kid in St. Louis, you may want to start memorizing bus schedules now. Reason being is that if you are trick-or-treating in St. Louis, you will be asked to tell a joke in exchange for candy. What? Uh, huh. There are communities out there that are willing to give you candy without having to tell an awful Halloween joke. Jorie was harmed by the heart pounding she experienced every time she had to tell a joke to a stranger. How confusing...I mean our whole lives we are told not to talk to strangers. What was hammered into our brains even harder than that was “DO NOT TAKE CANDY FROM STRANGERS”. No wonder Jorie was scarred by her experiences full of contradiction and anxiety. So, if you are from St. Louis and want to get out of joke telling this Halloween, we have the perfect solution for you. Create a t-shirt design or jacket design and get yourself out of the joke telling! You can still show your costume off under your jacket not to mention you may even get an extra sympathy candy bar. SCORE!!!  




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