Crohn’s Disease, affects approximately 700,000 people a year; people like Lori Labree’s daughter.  Their family and friends decided to show their support by making custom shirts - with the help of  These black short-sleeved shirts feature a personal message: I wear purple for someone who means the world to me!


Support for those suffering from the disease comes in many forms from funding research, spreading awareness or simply being understanding when someone is symptomatic.  The Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America can help patients find a support group that fits their lifestyle and needs.  Though you may not be affected by Crohns, or even know someone with the disease, there are several ways to help those in need:

Become a Volunteer: You don’t need to be available 24 hours a day to become a volunteer.  Pick your level of commitment, from hands-on involvement monthly to chatting on the phone with a patient weekly.   

Attend an Event: Each chapter is responsible for its own events, but they are sure to be fun! Dinners, auctions, obstacle courses and walks give everyone, regardless of age or financial income, a chance to participate.

Sponsor a Patient: Make a vow to raise money in the name of the disease, a foundation or a specific person; funds raised go to research, scholarships, and healthcare training.  

Raising money is obviously a fundamental way of easing the burden of fighting this disease for patients and caretakers.  What’s not so obvious is the easy way in which to create a revenue stream that is consist and promotional - creating custom shirts and selling them at a profit...  As you can see, start by creating something you love for someone you love; buy for friends and family and raise awareness.  Soon people will wonder where you got your gear.

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