Omg- friends! Check it out.  I’m so excited I just found this: 
Beautiful, right? Think you can’t make something like that on your own? WRONG. Remember, this is the WhoopTee t-shirt blog- everything and anything is possible. All of that obnoxious, defeating stuff you hear in the world called cynicism doesn’t exist here. This is the blissful land of custom t shirt designing paradise, where dreams come true and nobody gets shot. And there aren’t federal shutdown.
Check this one out:
Cool, eh? You could totally be Sailor Moon for Halloween coming up! And all you need is an old t shirt design, some bleach (yes, you read that right), some contact paper, and a little inspiration. So fly. Just create a design on contact paper, cut it out, place it on your shirt where you want it, tape it up with cardboard like this:
And just spray with some bleach! The tutorial explains it way more eloquently than that- you can read the whole thing on Random Tuesdays hereSo easy, and so cool! There are so many beautiful techniques you can achieve with bleach- you can go for classic and er, copyrighted under lock and key by Disney with Tinkerbell:
Or go for an artful t shirt design, like this one:
Or just look at the original post, which explains it all and has a bunch of photos to boot. Happy t shirt designing! 
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