So, want to go from these:

To this?

Pretty cool, eh? This is one of the most gorgeous t-shirt DIY ideas I have seen thus far (which is saying a lot, seeing as I get paid to troll the internet for everything and anything t-shirt related). You can make something like this either with a couple of older, fitted t-shirts from around the house or using a couple of cheap, plain t-shirts if your older ones don’t fit (or they’ve turned that awkward brownish color from years of use). So it’s not white anymore, whatever…it’s ivory! Duh. 

I found this DIY project from a blogger called the gOOd life, run by Sarah Choi. She is an amazing DIY and lifestyle blogger who puts up awesome, beautiful DIY projects using simple, creative tricks and materials around the house that chances are, you already have. If you want to learn how to do this DIY project, here’s a link to the blog post with easy, clear directions to follow. You could come across this post on a Friday afternoon and have a gorgeous outfit for a hot date that evening, all for a fraction of the cost something like this would cost you in a store. Be sure to check back here for more DIY ideas, tips, tricks, and more!

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