Pizza is great. That’s not a controversial statement, is it? The general concept of pizza, in the form of flatbreads with cheese and toppings. In the 1800’s, modern pizza (the way we know of it today, with mozzarella and tomato) was popularized in Italy and made its way to the United States with immigrants. From there, pizza has spread in popularity to the degree that if you made a go-to list of American casual food, pizza is on top with hamburgers and hot dogs. 


Today is National Cheese Pizza Day, and a great opportunity to talk about the king of sharable food, since you can get one pizza or a handful of pizzas and feed a couple of people or an army. That’s what makes pizza a favorite of birthday parties, social gatherings, and school parties. For educators, there is no better way to bribe a class into good behavior than participation in a pizza party. They also make for great get-togethers for members of a club. Pizza parties are scalable and cost-effective. 


You also can’t beat the freedom that pizza gives to have it your way. When you order a pizza, you get to choose your toppings and come up with any available combination you want. Some pizza places, like the major chain stores, even let you design a pizza online through an app and have it delivered to your door. It’s convenient, and gives you the freedom. You can even get different crust styles and different cheeses and sauce. 


Of course, a pizza is only as good as it’s base ingredients: sauce, crust, and especially cheese. That’s what today is here to celebrate – the bare, naked cheese pizza, in all it’s melty, cheesy glory. 


WhoopTee, in some ways, is like a pizzeria. Our t-shirts also are cost-effective party favors, as bulk ordering decreases the cost per shirt. You can also order a single t-shirt from our no minimum options as easily as grabbing a slice of pie. Like pizza, much of the fun of a WhoopTee is adding the toppings. In our case, it’s not pepperoni or sausage, but type, graphics, and colors. Unlike at a pizzeria, you can bring in your own toppings but uploading an image. 


Like pizzerias with online capabilities, you can design a custom t-shirt online and have it shipped to your home. Unlike pizzerias, we ship our t-shirts free of charge! 


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