Ladies and gentlemen, we’d to extend our deepest apologies for the title of this post. We’ve gone to the dad joke well one too many times, substituting “wine”, as in the fermented adult beverage, for “whine”, as in to complain. It’s just too much corny, and we’d like to take it back. Never again will we reach for such low hanging fruit as a “wine” joke. Judge us from this day forward. From the bottom of our hearts, we’re sorry.




Touring wineries are all the rage these days. Out of nowhere, it seems that people are into tasting their alcoholic beverages. Craft beer, indie wines…what ever happened to a box in the fridge and a keg in the back yard? Anyway, now that the booze crowd has upped their class, winery tours are all the rage for community clubs, organizations and businesses for group outings. Winery tours as a corporate retreat are fun, they’re classy, and they’re great for moral and team building. You know what else is great for morale and team building? Custom t-shirts from w


It doesn’t matter if you’re taking your entire warehouse staff or a handful of office employees, your entire membership or a few key contributors, WhoopTee can supply your group with great t-shirts for your winery tour in any quantity. If you’re on the fence about bringing more of your organization, keep in mind that the more t-shirts you order the less they cost per shirt. That’ll lessen the financial sting of your trip. Now, as for the added cost for the tour itself…you’re on your own with that one. 


All you have to do is hop on our designer tool and make a custom t-shirt online for your tour. When you’re done, simply click “check out” and in two weeks you[‘ll have your tees shipped for free.

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