Today is First Contact Day. For those of you out there who aren’t space nerds, this may not mean anything to you. The first contact here would be the first contact between humans and an alien race. The term is most commonly connected to Star Trek, the flag ship of space nerds. In Star Trek, First Contact Day is the day humans met alien life for the first time. The alien life in this case were the Vulcans, the race of Star Trek’s most iconic character, Spock. 


For the Star Trek universe, First Contact Day isn’t even necessarily about meeting aliens. Yes, it was a pivotal moment in the fictional history of that series, but in the end, the biggest takeaway for humanity was that it brought the human race together in an unprecedented way. Not long after first contact, poverty, hunger, and war were wiped out and the human race stood as one, ready to enter a larger world. This is the vision that creator Gene Roddenberry had for the future. This vision sticks out in the world of science fiction for its optimism.


Many people here in the real wold look at first contact as a moment of transformation for humanity. Some, like Roddenberry, are excited for that moment and what it could mean for mankind. Others, like the late Stephen Hawking, see it as moment that could directly or indirectly be very detrimental for humanity. Either way, the prospect of meeting alien life and learning that we are not, in fact, alone in the universe is a tantalizing prospect that captures the imagination. 


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