Art is a beautiful thing. We don’t mean that in a strictly aesthetic sense, but rather that art, as an expression, is such an amazing thing. Art comes in many forms. Music, theater, performance, and the written word are all forms of art. Art can be found in every nook and cranny of existence as long as human beings have inspiration. To take it a step further, the fact that we have inspiration, the fat that we make art in many ways is what makes us human.


Sadly, art education in schools is being threatened. Tightening budgets and funding models that focus on core subjects have left art behind as resources just aren't available in many areas to provide art classes. This is a shame. Visual art, music, and theater are so precious to the development of children. We can’t let the arts die. 


Think of the Ancient Egyptians. Did their political system survive the ravages of time? Their economy? No, but thousands of years after their civilization faded into the distant past, they are still remembered thanks to the amazing works of art they produced like they pyramids, sphinx, statues, and much more. Likewise, the Ancient Greeks created an age of awakening in Europe centuries after their demise through the classic writings of their great thinkers and the incredible statues made my master scullers. Greek writing and art monumentally shifted and altered other civilizations in the distant future. 


That is the true power of art. What will we leave behind? It is imperative to support the artist ambitions and growth of the next generation. That is why community art clubs and school art clubs serve such a vital place in the world. Everyone has something they are good at, and to deprive artist children of a means to grow, develop and be happy would be a shame. 


For art clubs, WhoopTee’s cheap custom t-shirts make for cost-effective ways to promote the club and give the kids something to have. You can design your own custom t-shrits quickly and easily with our designer tool, or better yet, let the kids design it. 


If you’re a parent of an artist kid and want to give them a fun activity on a sweltering summer day to stimulate them artistically and intellectually over summer break, set them up on and let them design a custom tee. You can order just one t-shirt for your little artist with our no minimum options. If you want to let them make t-shirts for the entire family, that opens up even more great color options. 


In either situation, save the masterpiece your little artist makes and share it with your friends on social media.

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