It’s almost that time of year again.  Time to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends and family!  Although Thanksgiving is referred to as a one day event, have you ever noticed that it is really a two or possibly three day event?  That’s right, Thanksgiving eve also known as “Big Wednesday” should get some recognition.  It’s the biggest party night of the year.  Even bigger than New Year’s Eve, which is probably why it is called “Big Wednesday”.  I mean, what a great time of year to celebrate!  You get to see your friends from out of town on Wednesday and then dream about scrumptious turkey that will be served to you for lunch the next day.



Then, visit family on Thanksgiving all while being encouraged to stuff your face as much as humanly possible.  This could even happen twice in one day if you are lucky!  



Then on “Black Friday” you can get unbelievable deals on all kinds of Christmas presents if you’re feeling competitive enough to wrestle over a laptop at 4 am.  



Or you can create some custom t-shirts from your couch all while sipping on hot chocolate and laughing at all the people lined up outside of the mall in their multi layered clothing.  



Then, to make things even more awesome, most people get a four day break from work.  WOOHOO!  That’s a longer break than any other holiday out there and a celebration is certainly warranted!  You know what that means here at WhoopTee in the world of custom t-shirt awesomeness.  If there is a reason to celebrate, then there is even more of a reason to design your own custom t-shirts for friends and family.  So, celebrate the trifecta super duper Thanksgiving holiday break with custom t-shirts from WhoopTee!

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