We here in the custom t shirt game think the best part by far of the democratic process is the opportunity available for man, woman, and amphibian alike. Or, in the case of Ann Arbor, MI, fish. Last year, a carp going only by the to-the-point moniker of “Twenty Pound Carp” was quietly removed from his home in a local park and charged with the suspiciously vague crime of being “destructive towards vegetation”. Apparently, after his brush with the system Twenty Pound Carp has developed a new awareness of social injustice; the gilled visionary recently announced his intention via Twitter to run as a write-in candidate in the local city council race. We’re just glad he’s using his outrage productively rather than taking it out on the plant life again.

We just hope some kind soul is willing to set up a fish tank at the debate. The lake constituency is woefully underrepresented in the political scene, and we're all about giving everyone a chance. Also he seems to have mastered underwater computing, which will open a new frontier in social media ... you can now tweet with your goldfish! (Disclaimer-- if it turns out to have an attitude and starts Instagramming pictures of your dirty apartment when you're not home ... we're not liable.) It looks like Twenty Pound Carp has successfully printed up some campaign signs …

But just in case he doesn’t get the mainstream (really, how clever am I?) support he deserves, his campaign team can design t shirts to further his cause!

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