Graduation is here. The auditorium is packed. Cameras are flashing. The music is playing. But there's one more pop quiz left to answer: Did they make it? You know your mom has a tendency to run late trying to get her hair just perfect and your dad always has to try out a new "shortcut". So many people...Wait, there they are. At least I think that's them? You can't tell because everyone looks THE SAME. Wake up! It's just a nightmare; there's still time left before graduation.

There must be an easier way to find your family at graduation. That's it! Custom t-shirts. Now I'm not suggesting that you go all matchy-matchy style like you did the annual Christmas card. You're still catching hell from your roommates over that one. Just think, mom and dad could use a gift after four years of college expenses, 2 trips to Spring Break and 1 Get-Out-Of-Jail-Not-So-Free card.

Check out Tons of options for everyone, including your pup Sparky. What's this about a rush order? You can get your order fulfilled in as quickly as one week. The last time you rushed anything there was a fraternity involved. Just order and you're set. They'll see how thoughtful and mature you have become. Maybe they'll be so inspired by your generosity; they might buy you a car? That's a win-win. has tons of different styles, colors and designs at the lowest prices. Mom and dad can design their own or create a template for them. There is no minimum order required. A short sleeve scoop neck for mom and a collared shirt for dad. Done. You know people of their advanced age can't be trusted to come up with great ideas like this. After all, you are the college graduate.  



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