So your favorite nephew is begging you to take him and his 20 closest friends to Six Flags next weekend.  Your first thought is to start coughing erratically, tell him you are sick, grab your keys and run for the door.  But, he looks so pathetic and proceeds to flatter you by telling you how cool you are and how uncool his parents are these days.  You have a flashback to 14 and give in after one last persuasive “PUH-LEEEEASE”.  The anxiety starts to set in and you wonder how you will keep a group of 20 teenage boys together in an amusement park.  Have no fear…WhoopTee is here and we can help you design your own custom t-shirts!  

WhoopTee’s designer tool will allow you to create your own custom t-shirts for teens that will keep everyone happy.  Not only will you be able to keep the crew together but the boys will look fashionable in bright colors with a sensational style.  You may possibly survive the day after all…maybe.  Don’t forget to make yourself a “survivor” tee to change into after you are done chaperoning for the day.  It will make for a good conversation piece at the local pub on your way home after your long day.

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