Friends-- probably possessed by the creative spirit of t shirt design, Miley Cyrus has gone on many hair adventures over the years. Girl knows how to work it. After all, change is good, right? (Sometimes. I dyed my hair once, and then I tried to undye it, and that doesn’t work. So there was a good month where I had orange hair.) Fortunately, Miley has some top-notch hair people milling about, and it always seems to go pretty well for her!

Well, this time, it seems she’s gone a step further and decided to forgo eyebrows. I guess they are kind of an accessory-- for your face? That Miley, always making me think differently about the world and facial hair and whatnot.

Hair has provoked some of the most important philosophical conversations of all time, after all. (To bleach or not to bleach?) Friends, what do you think? Stylish? Just really worried about anyone getting bleach that close to their eyes? Sure to be a divisive issue and definitely worth its own news cycle, it’s probably time to design your own t shirt to let people know where you stand!

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