When you need a custom tee soon

With a cost that won’t balloon

Don’t you see

Choose WhoopTee

and you’ll be over the moon


It must be National Limerick Day. Why else are we spouting rhymes? This is the one day a year that you won’t be looked at funny for letting loose some simple dirty verses. There’s nothing dirty about our limericks though, just good, clean quality. WhoopTee offers the kind of quality, value, and convenience that poets will be writing about for the next century.


Design your custom tee online

And we know that you will find

With a free quote

That’s all she wrote

and that’s the bottom line


With WhoopTee, you can get just one custom tee to show off your rhyming skills or you cab order in bulk to spread your words around. If you’re worried about sticker shock, all you have to do is design your custom t-shirt in our designer tool, and then click on “free quote”. Enter in the amount you want and any options you want, and we’ll show you exactly how much your order will cost. We’ll even show you how much it costs per shirt to make your pricing easier to calculate. 


All our orders ship for free

and its not that hard to see

The value’s here

That much is clear

I will always choose WhoopTee


Once you click that order button, all you have to do is sit patiently by the door with your hands folded neatly in your lap for 14 days (or do other stuff, your choice) and you’ll have your WhoopTee order, shipped on us. For a small fee you can cut that time in half. Either way, from brain to back, the turnaround on your shirts is fast. That’s poem worthy.

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