“Everyone should wear their twitter hashtags on a t-shirt” said a tv host one day. What a great idea! Are you starting a new business, new blog, or a new website? What greater idea than to put it on custom t-shirts? We’ve reached the point where people really pay attention to what you wear. Something funny? Something thought provoking? Design your own custom t-shirts and get the word out there.

I’m very tempted to create an experiment to track the surge in twitter followers or website hits.  But until I do that, I think you should take my word that it works, (wink!).

With WhoopTee, custom t-shirt designs can be easily be made using the designer tool. Hashtags, business names,  and blog URL’s can be on a t-shirt in a variety of fonts and font sizes. So be a part of the great experiment. See a surge in your following and get your name out there!

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