In between designing custom t shirts, sometimes my mind wanders to more weighty pastures. Thanks to the internet, many of my nagging questions about mortality and human purpose are answered by photos of animals acting like people, but at times doubts remain. Especially over the past week, in the middle of a government shutdown, I have a lot of philosophical questions with no answers.

Near the top of my list-- how exactly do you “shut down” a park? I understand how you close anything with walls; I understand how you stop people from entering a building. (Doors.) But how do you “shut down” a massive trapezoid of forest in the middle of more forest?

This tree is closed.

This tree is open for business.

Now that, here in St. Louis, our beloved Arch has become a victim of the shutdown, such questions become more pressing. (Although, arguably, doors-- so not as mysterious.) And so, friends, today I present to you a t shirt design with a heavy heart-- a custom t shirt that asks more questions than it answers.

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