As many of you already know due to our invasive news media, Don Featherston, designer of the iconic pink flamingo lawn ornament, died yesterday at age 79.  


As a classically trainer sculptor in the 1950’s, he went on to work at a Massachusetts plastics company. It was during that time that his pop-culture creation was born, after Featherstone was inspired by a picture he saw in National Geographic.  After 43 years with Union Products, he rose to the position of president.  In a 2006 article with Leominster Champion, a Massachusetts weekly newspaper, Featherstone revealed his inspiration for work and a philosophy for life:


I loved what I did, it's all happy things. You have to figure, my creations were not things

people needed in life, we had to make them want them. Things I did made people happy,

and that's what life is all about."


Another activity that made Featherstone happy, was wearing matching outfits with his wife nearly every day!  His wife began making custom shirts for the pair and moved on to more elaborate options.


In life there is always levity, the real question remains, will the tacky, plastic birds adorn his headstone? Only time will tell.


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