Friends, I’m almost as excited about Thanksgiving as I am about custom t shirts. I’m working up an appetite as big as Thanksgiving’s own appetite for the days around it (as soon as I accepted Black Friday-- Cyber Monday??). The only problem is that I’m a very one-sided Thanksgiving celebrant … I love to eat the food, but I hate to cook it. I’m so incompetent at making food that recently I had to call someone into the kitchen to tell me if the water in my pot was boiling or not. However, I think involving a microwave in Thanksgiving (the actual day-- leftovers play by a whole new set of rules!) would make the universe sad.

So I’m going to have to step it up. I’ll have to join the team effort that is getting a Thanksgiving meal on the table … or maybe I’ll get to just wash the dishes? I think that’s where I belong.

Regardless, the Thanksgiving kitchen requires a whole lot of coordination and a well-choreographed plan of what goes where and who does what. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to peel potatoes at the last minute because everyone somehow forgot no-one was on mashed potato duty … the most important duty! Our suggestion here at WhoopTee is to design your own t shirts to make sure everyone knows what their job is on the big day. And the best part-- you can wash them and save them, so if you happen to sharpen your cooking skills over the next year … maybe you can switch around shirts next year!

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