ATTENTION ALL CAMPERS: It’s June, you’re off to camp with a dozen other girls named Kaylee, it’s rainy and hot all at the same time and you’re just not sure what to pack. has all your camping needs covered; customization is key to communicating and becoming accustom to your surroundings at camp.


Congratulations!  You’ve already succeeded at talking your parents into spending hundreds of dollars to send you to camp to live like it’s the turn of the century.  Now it’s time to tap into their greatest fears.  You may not understand until you’re a parent one day, but every mother imagines camp in the same way.  Their baby girl is lost in the woods, left behind by some “mean girls” like a modern day Lord of Flies, when after a quick brush against some leaves, she suddenly realizes she’s deadly allergic to poison ivy.  Yup, that’s about right.


Which brings us to step two of the camping conundrum; now you won’t find this in any survival handbook, so pay attention.  Shopping.  Particularly, shopping, designing and creating custom clothing at


Add your name to any custom apparel from tank tops to hoodies; the equivalent of having your mom write your name in your underwear.  Your counselors will be sure to know who you are and you can use it as a survival flag if you really do get lost in the woods.  Try the Bella+Canvas Ladies’ Fleece Straight Leg Fleece Sweatpants to keep warm or to keep the bugs from biting; add a cool summer design and you’ll have a camo keepsake for years to come!

So now that you know what Whooptee has to offer, your bags should be packed . . . with custom clothing AND a little extra money saved by our affordable prices.  Just make sure your parents  don’t get the bright idea to make matching shirts!      


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