I know we’ve been laying the custom t shirt DIY’s pretty thick, but this one is super cute and great for spring weather, which (fingers crossed) will be coming just around the corner. Check it out: 
Seriously, she made that out of an old large t shirt? Crazy! Check out the full DIY tutorial here. Since DIY is basically taking over the internet and subsequently the planet, second only to cat memes, we’re very happy that various versions of the t shirt are a sizeable component of this trend. If you’re looking for a Pinterest explosion, just type in “t shirt diy” and prepare to devote your afternoon to reviewing the 12 billion ways a t shirt can be repurposed into awesomeness. 
Pillows? Vests? Scarves? Tourniquets? Baby slings? Reusable old lady diapers? Reusable young lady and man diapers? Braided Y-fronts? It’ll probably on Pinterest made out of old t shirts. You will not believe the craziness you can make out of something so simple … at least I couldn’t. So get cracking today and put your old t shirt designs to good use! And if you’re looking to design a new one or two, you’re in the right place. Head to our designer tool and get cracking on a brand-new masterpiece today!
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