Did you know there are 52 Cyber Mondays each year? “No,” you say. “That’s insanity! Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving. Look at WhoopTee’s blog person trying to get cute. I’m so mad I could Tweet about it!”


Ok, pal. Put down your keyboard before this devolves into the comments section on YouTube, Yes, Cyber Monday is technically one day per year. It’s the day when people all over flock to the internet for the cyber version of Black Friday door busters. As you’ve no doubt pieced together, we’re trying to say that every Monday is Cyber Monday for WhoopTee. 


It’s not hyperbole; we’re entirely cyber. Plus, instead of door busters, we give you our best prices from the get go. A lot of companies say the same thing, but we really and truly mean it. As evidence, we’d like to present our guarantee. Exhibit B: our free quotes. All you have to do is enter the quantity, sizes, extras, and colors, and you’ll get a free quote showing you exactly how much your order will cost and how much each individual shirt will cost. If you want to drive the cost down lower, buy in bulk to get better unit prices. 


WhoopTee gives you the power to choose your shirt, your style, your color, your type and font, and your images. You can even upload your own image, and all from the comfort of your internet-ready device. When you’ve finished your design, you can share it on social media. Or, if you’re giving a shirt as a Christmas present, which is a great idea since we offer no minimum options. 


If you’re going the present route, make sure you order within the next few days. Your shirt will arrive in two weeks shipped for free, and you can always check the upper right-hand corner of your screen to see what day your shirt will be in your hands.

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