Although it pains me to admit, it appears Kim Kardashian has something figured out that few other celebrity-turned-designers do not. While living the privileged life brainwashes some celeb designers into thinking normal people can afford $2,000 Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutins, Kim has allowed her people to develop and attach her name to a community of stylists and designers who compose recommendations for members on an affordable online shop called ShoeDazzle. The website asks potential members a few questions about their style, size, and taste in shoes, and then compiles a selection of high-fashion shoes and accessories for each member. Members pay $39.95 per month, choose from a selection of shoes tailored to their style and interest, and watch as a new pair of shoes come rolling in each month. Add a gorgeous teeshirt or two, and you’ll be sitting pretty–literally. Cool, right? The genius bit is that members really do get highly personalized advice from professional stylists typically reserved for celebrities only, at a price that is truly affordable. Forty bucks for an awesome pair of celebrity-stylist recommended shoes? Not bad, not bad at all–especially for the spawn of OJ Simpson’s primary defense attorney. Learn more about Shoedazzle here.
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