Known for her breezy, effortless comedic style and quirky, chopped-together videos, Jenna Marbles has been taking the world by storm with a Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook following that companies spending huge amounts on advertising would kill for. Perhaps, in part, what people find so intriguing about her is that she embodies just about every contradiction on the planet. Young, blonde go-go dancers aren’t supposed to be smart, interesting, or have a Master’s degree, and they’re sure as heck not supposed to be funny. Leave that to the sweaty, profane male actors and comedians clogging up the talk show and comedy circuit, vastly outnumbering their female counterparts. But watch even one of her videos, and I promise you’ll be hooked. The thing about them which must be in part why audiences find them so appealing is that they’re deeply rooted in pervasive stereotypes that are very real, and affect people on an everyday basis. No matter what package you come in, no one is free from judgment.

“Let me give you an example, I can almost promise you if you clicked on one of my videos before without ever seeing them before you probably expected something from seeing a blonde girl in from of her computer, and instead you got a whole bunch of crazy you didn’t expect at all, right? We judge each other. Everybody judges each other.”

I’m not saying this should be included in the compilation of deep philosophical quotes alongside Plato and Aristotle. But isn’t this true? And aren’t you glad someone gave a voice to those uncomfortable kinds of stereotypes that we all face, but have no idea what to do with? The girl is brimming with self-confidence, and it’s clear she’s truly convinced of whatever the heck she’s talking about- which in turn, convinces an audience. And convince one, she has. With 3.1 million subscribers and over 556 million page views as of June 2012, her massive following shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon- you go girl. Do you have your own Jenna Marbles design you'd love to see printed on a tee? Check out WhoopTee to get started uploading your image onto a tee. We can print literally anything! Happy designing!
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