My favorite summer memories as a child were at camp. The time away from home, surviving in the wilderness, and learning how to build a tree house were just a few of the fantastic skills learned. Let’s leave out the night I couldn’t sleep because I thought there was a bear outside our bungalow! But the best part about summer camp was the group t-shirt we got every year.  As an adult I still have those shirts, not to wear them…but as keepsakes.

I found a box not too long ago with childhood clothes that I wanted to pass onto my new niece and nephew. And lo and behold, I found old custom t-shirts with a list of names printed on the back. The t-shirt design was so tacky! But back then they didn’t have the cool printing options they have now. AND somebody else at the print shop designed them. But today, anyone can come up with a t-shirt design and make it a reality.

So if your child is headed off to camp this year, make sure there is a custom t-shirt design ready for them. Tell their camp counselors about WhoopTees custom t-shirts. The kids can be in on the decision with all the fun options that are available. Camp won’t be the only memorable experience for your child this summer. Making the t-shirt design will be equally as special.

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