MIra Mesa, located in San Diego, was developed around the time of World War II and continues to have strong military ties.   The location is surrounded by interstate and a Navy auxiliary landing field, known locally as Hourglass Field, because the runway layout was a single piece of asphalt in the shape of an hourglass.   


Now the area harbors Mira Mesa High School's Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.  The AFJROTC  is an organization for students interested in building self-discipline, obtaining leadership skills, learning life skills, and more. Aspects of the corps consist of drill teams, job positions similar to the ones in the Air Force, and annual social events such as Cadet Picnic, Street Fair and the Cadet Ball. This organization provides great opportunities to meet diverse individuals and build friendships while having fun in the process.


That’s where we find Chloe, a cadet that sent us this picture from the Field Day festivities in Mira Mesa.  She and her friends created custom shirts using the Designer Tool on Whooptee.com. Take a look at how they incorporated the school crest on the the front of the shirt.  The crest consists of the lamp of knowledge, the Marauders emblem of school pride and the Mind-Heart sits at the bottom and serves as the foundation of the organization.  Chloe and her friends showed unity and power as they proudly wore these group shirts through each competition.  These active students are representative of the school’s mission and code of honor: “develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community."


Whooptee can help make your team stand out in even the toughest crowds   

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