You know the feeling. Sometimes those days of nonexistent motivation creep up like an unwelcome zit, poking just above the surface and ready to strike. Potato chips in the pantry are mocking you, saying, “Eat me!” while reruns of Mob Wives are yelling “Watch me!” and that couch looks so darn comfy. So, like most of us, you cave to the impulse and sit in your boxers on Sunday morning, succumbing to the lazy. However, what if you switch up your regular bum-around-in-boxers Sunday routine in favor of designing some customized workout gear for yourself with our handy dandy designer tool? You are in complete control of your gear, graphics, text, design, and everything in between, and have the power to design custom gear for whatever you do to stay in shape. Whether that be training for a marathon, running cross country, playing an intramural sport with your fraternity or sorority, or hitting the gym, the possibilities are endless with the WhoopTee designer tool. St. Louis has a wide variety of great places to run, like Forest Park, Tower Grove Park, Spanish Lake Park, and tons of other trails to traverse. Get creative and come up with your own route, then design a t-shirt to match.


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