So, although you might think the designer tool is difficult to navigate, foreign buttons and all, I can promise you that it is not! Truthfully, it is quite easy. Even I can figure it out without asking our web developers a thousand questions…magical! So, to prove this to you, I’ve started with one of the template on the website, and within minutes I had a really gorgeous shirt perfect for a youth trip event. Have a look here and see for yourself. I began on our homepage, where I selected a super snazzy template from the template library: 

I picked the one on the far right. Onwards to the designer tool, and a white Gildan! Hurrah!

So far, so good...but let's make it really cool and pretty:

Yeee! Much better, eh? And we started in the designer tool with a whole bunch of bland whiteness and came up with this fancy little number in a matter of minutes! Very quick, fun and easy. Test it out for yourself today and design your own tshirt today! You won't be disappointed, we promise. That's the WhoopTee guarantee!


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