Designer shirts are in this season, and one of the best examples is the Converse Black Canvas collection.  One of my favorites is the Pirate Satellite Graphic V-Neck T-shirt.  I recently wrote about Gunther's 23 year long road trip, and wanted to take the Pirate Satellite shirt as inspiration for an homage to Gunther.  Here's the original (and it costs $35):

Step 1: Choose a shirt

I chose the Canvas Delancy V-Neck shirt in silver for my Designer Shirt DIY (I like the Converse shirt, but I'm not a fan of purple).

Step 2: Add your design

In this case, the design consists only of text.  Click on the "Add Text" button, and type in the box at the bottom of your screen.  For the top of the design, I wrote "Keep Going", and chose a 120 degree upward arc, which you can do at the bottom right of the designer.  Finally, the key to this design is a tone-on-tone color scheme, so I chose a font color that is similar but just a shade darker than my shirt.

Step 3: Add additional layers

Every design is built out of layers, which you can see on the right side of the designer.  To add another layer of text, I clicked "Add Text" again and typed "Gunther".  For this text, I chose a 120 degree downward arc to finish the circle of words that makes up the boundaries of my design.  I then added a big "23" in the middle and the words "year long road trip" to commemorate Gunther's near-quarter-century adventure.  For the font on all the text, I chose Veteran Typewriter for its faded, worn-in look.

Step 4: Admire your work, and order your shirt!

Here's the finished product, and it looks very designer to me!  All that's left is clicking on "Check out" and I'll have the shirt in a matter of days!  What's your favorite designer shirt?  Get inspired by it and design your own at WhoopTee!

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