Well, Valentine’s Day has come and passed. Many partners all over have shown their significant other how much they mean through displays of love. This doesn't always mean floating in the frozen Atlantic so that your lover can safely float on a door. Ok, maybe that isn't the best example, but give us a break, Titanic was all over TV last night. A romantic gesture can be something grand like 40 red roses, 35 boxes of chocolate, a dinner at the hottest restaurant in town and having a plane write your love’s name across the sky. It could be something as small as a kind word or a heartfelt note. 


Valentine’s Day is about much more than just keeping your partner from being mad at you. It’s an opportunity to really show them how much they mean to you, and often times those little moments we discussed before are the best way to do so. 




If you forgot Valentine’s Day, or skimped on a gift, the romance, or both, you’re probably in trouble. You’re probably in big, big trouble. Now…how to dig out of that hole? We have a solution for you. Create a custom Valentine’s Day tee, or a custom apology tee for your partner. If you struck out on both romance and gifts, you may want to do both…


You can create a great design with WhooTee’s designer tool. Once you’ve finished your design and ordered it, taking advantage of our free shipping, you can decide how to give your gift. Do you wait for the date in your upper right-hand corner, or do you show the design to your partner right away. Either can work, but it depends how far in the dog house you find yourself. 


When deciding a them to your design, we’d like to suggest these guides on apparel for parters.

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