Christmas is over 2018. We at WhoopTee hope you had a nice day with your family, sharing revelry and love. Of course, Christmas means presents. Presents are supposed to be an intimate moment of giving between people who care about each other. Sadly…some people suck at giving gifts. You may end up with a haul that leaves you faking a smile and a feeble “yay, thanks…” 


Don’t worry pal, your favorite relative Cousin WhoopTee is here to save Christmas. If you didn’t get what you want this Christmas, or even if you did, you can make yourself a unique, one-of-a-kind, genuine, custom t-shirt online. 


WhoopTee gives you the power to create a custom tee online easily and quickly with our designer tool. Choose your shirt, choose your colors, choose your type and font, and choose your graphics. You aren't beholden to our clip art (even if there is a lot of good clip art available). You can upload your own image and use it in your t-shirt design. 


After you’ve completed your design, you’ll get your tee shipped for free in two weeks free of charge in the continental US. If you want to get yourself a late Christmas gift, we suggest our no minimum selections. You can order just one shirt for yourself and not worry about minimum orders. 


Even if you had a great Christmas…why not treat yourself with a one-of-a-kind shirt straight from your own imagination? There’s no limit to the creative possibilities with a WhoopTee. If you’re looking for a way to entertain some board kids during holiday break, designing tees is a great family activity that will stimulate their creativity. For more help getting started on your t-shirt, check out our guides for inspiration.

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