Have you ever thought about having a good ole fashioned family vacation. Not a regular old trip, but a full-out family celebration trip? The American consciousness is soaked by the popular image of the road trip, a bonding experience for family. This started when the advent of road maps and highway systems unlocked a country of potential travel for families. The road systems and cars allowed people to see the country like never before, and roadside attractions found their way into folklore. 


This romanticized world of stops and bonding drive many families to seek adventure on the road. These people crave what Clark Griswold did in Family Vacation: memories. They want that trip, with the family forced to spend time together where lifelong memories are forged with the people we love. With the high price of flying and the prohibitive cost of resorts, this is a much more affordable option for a vacation for many families. Others choose staycations. 


For a family going on a road trip, there are a few ideas to keep in mind. What is your destination? Your destination can be a city, or a national park, or a landmark. You could have no destination at all, and just drive to see what’s out there. This works equally well for a romantic getaway. 


If you worry about accommodations, plan your route and make reservations at hotels. If you want to be more spontaneous, there are plenty of motels and campsites along the highway you can stop at. Find as many wacky roadside attractions, historical markers, natural beauties, hole-in-the-wall restaurants that you can. Hit an antique mall. Do whatever looks good in the moment. 


When you do, be sure your family is cheesing it up with matching vacation t-shirts. Or, you could make t-shirts after you get home to commemorate the trip. Either way, WhoopTee has the affordable custom tees your family needs to hold on to those precious memories. Plus, it will cost less than gougers at tourist traps.

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