Do the Time Wrap and Go Retro! 

Today is Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day, and it seems like as good a time as any to hop into the time warp and enjoy a retro style. Lets get in our way back machine and take a look at a handful of styles from the past. Use these to inspire your t-shirt designs and be an apparel time traveler! 




T-shirts of the 60’s should be light and friendly, with pastel colors and vibrant type. Consider the flower power movement and the aesthetic it invokes as the dominant style of the decade. Picture a shirt that you could see hopping out of a VW love bus. 




The 70’s kept a lot of the loud, vibrant type, but the color palettes are much more muted. Browns, greens, and dark yellows dominated the decade Dark, muted, Earthy colors are evocative the 70’s.




The 80’s are a loud decade. Everything is neon. Usually we try to tell designers to be selective with their colors and not overload the design. However, it’s A OK to load your design with as many bright, in-your-face colors as humanly possible for 80’s designs. It should resemble a rave in space attended entirely by wizard robots. 




Like the pastels of the 60’s gave way to dark tones of the 70’s, so to did the bright, shiny 80’s give way to the 90’s hangover that was grunge. Again, dark tones and a worn, grungy aesthetic defined the decade. “Attitude” defines the late 90’s. What a time. 


Not that you have a basic understanding of each decade’s pallet, think back to the time you want to evoke and how it makes you feel to inform your final design. You know what, there’s room in that time machine for more than just you. Give a custom t-shirt Christmas gift for a special someone in your life with our no minimum options, or design a t-shirt for people across your Christmas list and order in bulk. Check the upper right hand corner of your screen to see when your t-shirts will be shipped for free! 


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