Not on our watch.


If it feels like Halloween was a bit glossed over this year, it really feels that way for Thanksgiving. It used to be that Christmas decorations and promotions in stores wouldn’t begin until the day after Thanksgiving, a day you know well as Black Friday. Now, in mid October, you walk into a store looking for skeletons and find Santa. You look for mummies, and find snow men. You look for zombies and find elves. You look for…ok, you get the picture. 


What about turkeys?


Forget the rain deer, what about the turkeys. Won’t someone please think of the turkeys! Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday about family and, well, thankfulness. It’s a shame that the part of the year that has been traditionally devoted to Thanksgiving and the celebration of fall has been taken over by Christmas. It’s not that we don’t love that holiday also, we certainly do, but trying to force extra shopping by cutting out a beloved day just feels wrong. 


In that spirit, we’re going to talk a lot about Thanksgiving in the coming days. We’ll keep Christmas for Christmas season, and give Thanksgiving it’s just due. So loosen your belt, and perfect your political debating skills to battle your distant relations, and prepare for Thanksgiving. Oh, and create a custom Thanksgiving t-shirt with w designer tool. 


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