Put your helmet on, you’re about to get some awesome dropped on you. The humble, yet mighty t-shirt occupies a new platform showcasing its quiet prevalence: a full-length documentary detailing the power of t-shirts and the accompanying stories they have the capability to tell. Producers Dmitri Pailhe and Julien Potart put together a smorgasbord of t-shirt collectors, designers, musicians, print shop owners, and total tee nerds like us who tell their stories, and shed a little light on how tees have been significant in their lives. The result is a beautiful cultural compilation of people from all different background and walks of life brought together by nothing other than a love of tees. The documentary came out on DVD just shy of a year ago, and we thought it would be great to remind you all of just how powerful your tee can be. Pretty cool, eh? We’ve definitely harped on the idea of the t-shirt as more than just a t-shirt before, but this documentary project elevates the meaning of the t-shirt to a whole new level. And we thought we were the only total t-shirt nerds on the planet! Boy were we wrong–and we’re glad about it. Have a look at the trailer here
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