Saying sorry isn’t easy. Well, actually yes it is, physically at least. It’s two words and seven letters. I-M-S-O-R-R-Y. There that wasn’t so hard…but it was, wasn’t it? Do you feel that sting, the catch in your throat? That’s pride, and it hurts. It burns. Sometimes, going against your pride will hurt worse than whatever cause the fight in the first place, or even the fight itself. You have to fight your pride, though, if you really care. You have to look inside yourself and say “I was wrong.” Find that sincerity. WhoopTee will be right there to help.


You can design an affordable custom t-shirt online with WhoopTee and use it to help force you to say sorry. Let’s pretend for a minute you aren’t sincere about your apology. First of all, in most situations where there is a rift between both people, both parties have at least one thing they can feel sorry for, but let’s just say for argument’s sake that you’re right, and you have nothing to apologize for. An apology can still smooth the situation over. Swallowing your pride will be a lot easier with the help of a custom t-shirt. 


Our design tool is extremely easy to use, and if you get stuck we have a plethora of guides to help you along. Once you have your t-shirt designed, all you have to do is click check out to order your masterpiece. All WhoopTee orders ship for free, but you need to apologize now, you can use our rush delivery option to have your shirt in seven days. Of course, the chances are high that you’re going to have to apologize eventually. This is especially true in a romantic relationship. You can order a t-shirt for your significant other now, and stash it away. That way you’re ready should an unpleasant situation should arise.

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