This Sunday, a certain TV show is coming back. A certain popular show about rotting corpses, the dead, if you will, doing something…we want to say…running? No, jumping? Swimming? Ok, enough of that. If you're planning to have a viewing party for The Walking Dead, you and your guests should consider making custom zombie t-shirts to celebrate. Why wear you new shirt just once? There's two half seasons worth of flesh eating fun. Plus, zombie shirts make a great conversation starter on the street. 


You love zombies, and it’s highly likely that many of the people you see on the street any given day are also into zombies. Talking to strangers may be something you were told not to do as a kid, but as an adult, meeting a new person and striking up even a momentary bond or friendship is extremely rewarding. It can also take the awkward out of a forced social situation, like say, waiting in line somewhere, if you have some reason to strike up a conversation with the person next to you. Why not create your own t-shirt online with WhoopTee, and give the two of you something to chat about when you meet some bright sunny day?


With WhoopTee’s design tool, you can create your own t-shirt easily and quickly, get a free quote, and order it in the blink of an eye. “But wait,” you say. “Won’t I have to buy a whole bunch of t-shirts?” Not at all, friend. We have no minimum options that allow you to order just one really cool work of art for yourself to wear. As if that wasn’t cool enough, our orders also ship for free in two weeks. Pretty boss, huh? People still say boss, right? RIGHT?


So, go ahead. Create a flesh eating, brain scooping, macabre shirt and start conversations wherever you go. Plus, if a zombie apocalypse takes off, you can turn to your friends and family and say “I told you so.” Assuming they aren’t undead by then…While you’re going on a scary t-shirt kick, you should consider using WhoopTee for affordable Halloween costumes, or to express your love of horror in general

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