Regular season NBA games are right around the corner  . . . are you ready? Don’t start in with the college ball versus professional.  No one (on the other side of this laptop) is even going to begin to compare the systems, salaries or schools that fuel the cash-cow.  Instead I choose to focus the game.


Remember the first time you picked up a basketball and with a double-handed throw, attempted your first basket?  Let me guess, you didn’t make it.  You tried and tried from every angle until it went in.  It didn’t matter the amount of airballs or rim shots you attempted before that; but you felt like an undeniable champ the moment the ball went through the hoop.  That’s all it takes to get hooked - a ball, a hoop and a challenge.


As an avid Bulls fan and all-round lover of the game, I couldn’t wait for fall to get the NBA schedule.  I’d tune into WGN Chicago for the pre-game, game, post-game commentary and highlights in the news.  Maybe I underestimated my loyalties when I say “avid Bulls fan’; it was possibly more like “obsessive Bulls fan.”  I’d watch, record and re-watch each game as if each was the championship final.


I didn’t care that 11 year-old girls weren’t supposed to idolize Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan, or that even fewer knew who Jerry Reinsdorf was.  Getting ready for practice was a ritual that always revolved around the outfit.  I didn’t just want to play like one of the Bulls, I wanted to look like one. . . although I don’t remember Horace Grant color coordinating his scrunchie to match his glasses.  


Despite the fact that Champs or Foot Locker didn’t carry jerseys in XXXS Youth, the warm-up sweats always put me in the right frame of mind to compete.  That’s what the custom apparel at Whooptee is designed to do - get you ready for the big game.  Whether you’re playing or watching, there’s always a use for a great set of sweats!  Pair a red Gildan Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt with black Badger Open Bottom Sweatpants for that classic Chicago look.

As the countdown to the first game closes in,  ask yourself, are you ready?

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