All this rainy weather here in Saint Louis has us dreaming of summer. The heat, sunny weather, and summer vacations are a wonderful time to buy custom apparel for summer. Check out our variety of tank tops and short sleeve shirts in several different colors, sizes, and styles. Here at Whooptee, we care about our customers and want to know what all of you are dreaming of. 


Why should you tell everyone what you are dreaming of? Let's face it you are going to go through some hard times. Life is hard. This is why we use coping mechanisms like looking forward to the future where you can get through the things we don't like doing. So reward yourself for all your hard work by doing something you love and enjoy doing. Making a custom shirt is an enjoyable and when you share with others what you are dreaming of you may find some common ground with a possible new friend or acquaintance. Dreaming of hiking, fishing, or suntanning, can be something you may do in a group. The more the merrier, right? 


Or maybe you are dreaming of surviving cancer, or maybe curing cancer. You can be dreaming of a cleaner Earth, or equal rights for women. If you have a powerful cause to stand behind you can spread awareness with just a simple t-shirt. Perhaps it is something you hold dear to your heart and want to place the cause over the top of your heart sentimentally and physically. Let us give you a simple t-shirt you can hold dear for a long time.


You won’t have to wait forever or be gouged by shipping costs either. All of our orders ship for free in two weeks. Check the upper right hand corner of your screen to see when your order will arrive.

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