While working on a previous post about stylish custom t shirts-- a.k.a intently browsing for sloth photos to share with you all that met the incredibly high bar I have set for sloth cuteness in my own mind-- I came across something that made my heart melt just a little bit … This article about the people who work at a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica.
That’s right, it is more than one person’s job to ensure the wellbeing of tiny sloth babies.

To repeat, it is someone’s job to give this infant sloth this carrot stick.
To further repeat, in the same way you might get disciplined for misfiling something at your job, this person would be scolded for standing in between this misty-eyed young sloth and the morning carrot he has been yearning to nibble at a glacially slow pace.

Have you ever had a crazy, impractical job daydream? (Please comment and share! ... )
Well, now I have the solution… our selection of collared shirts is perfect for you to design your own t shirt and make a mythical work uniform!

And as if you needed more inspiration to design t shirts, here is another job you won’t find in the back of the paper…



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