School is back in full swing. The kids are in, the teachers have settled back into their routine, and it’s business as usual at school across the country. Classes are back in session, and fall sports teams are hitting the practice field and getting ready for games. With any school sports culture comes school spirit, and the need to cultivate school spirit. 


School spirit isn’t just about sports. It’s about clubs and activities also. More than anything, though, it’s about identity. School spirit about creating a positive school culture and making each and every student feel welcome, included, and part of a greater whole. School spirit extends beyond the school too, as that positive culture flows into the community. 


Naturally, with school spirit and team spirit comes spirit wear. At the beginning of the school year, there are plenty of freshmen who are excited to join the broader school. Nervous, but excited. Their parents are similarly excited. The rest of the school may be looking for new spirit gear. This could really put a strain on your supplies. 


You can get a fast restock of your spirit gear with WhoopTee. It is simple as can be to design a custom tee with our designer tool, and you can upload your own image, giving you the option to upload your team’s mascot or logo. This simplicity of design gives you the freedom to easily replicate older t-shirts of yours, or to create something new in a flash.


You can also take orders from parents and students requesting names on the back of their school team t-shirts. All you have to do is enter the names when using our designer tool. The most efficient way to do with would be to have parents and students wanting a t-shirt with a name on the back to fill out an order form, then order all of the shirts with names together. Then, your order will be shipped to you in two weeks free of charge!


The more shirts you order, the lower the price per shirt will be. If you’re ordering school spirit shirts that will be good all year, or for multiple years, consider ordering a large quantity that you can sell and distribute over the long hull. This way you can save on your order and pass the savings along to students and parents.

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